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Cyborg Scream
Euro-techno art forms, orchestrated classical-jazz piano, and new-age synthesized pad

Nam-Outpost Bastogne and Nam-The Ambush are sound scapes of my experience as a combat soldier in Vietnam, with the 2nd of the 506th / 101st Airborne Division. Many vets tell me they experience these songs as 'therapeutic'.

All music on Cyborg Scream was composed and arranged by Morton Davis. All rights reserved.

The Mixing Room North: aka
Morton Davis Productions

a publishing company, registered with ASCAP

Morton 'Mo' Davis:
Creative Director / Mixing Engineer

***ALL Publishing and Performing RIGHTS RESERVED:
Morton Davis Productions aka The Mixing Room North, 1992 - 2015

Illegitimi non carborundum
Honor Few, Fear None...

-mo davis