Did Someone Say, ‘Just Write’?

“Too much!”, ‘The Writer’s’ mind screams. “Too much to write!”

An internal voice states, “I Don’t know where or how to begin”, “What do I do if I introduce the story, and/or a character, incorrectly?”, “Can’t I just know the answer(s), before I begin?”, “What if I use incorrect notation?”, “Can’t I have a few years of serious study, before I begin writing?” – ‘The Writer’ is experiencing ‘serious worry’. This ‘serious worry’ is enough to stop many from writing, after all, one does want to ‘do it right’.

Are you a writer? If so, are you serious about learning and evolving ‘your craft’? It is extremely important that the work of a writer be understood as a craft; not an inspiration, or something one does when one if ‘feeling good’, ‘feeling inspired’. Writing is a daily process. We have all heard accomplished writers tell us, ‘just write’.

OK. But let’s take this admonition one step further. Let’s put it into a perspective that all can understand. Let’s suppose that you work as a carpenter, as a surgeon, or an accountant. Fine, but what do these obviously different professions have in common?  They are all ‘crafts’ that require skills that evolve over time. Regardless of what ‘field’ you work in, you will have days and even weeks where you feel like you don’t want to go to work? Yes, you will. However, do you go to work? You bet. You put on your smiling face, the best attitude you can muster, your work clothes and responsibly go to work, so you can accomplish the work that is yours to do. This is exactly how it is for the writer. Are you a writer? Do you know that there is only one thing that earns you this title? You write! All successful writers have this one thing in common, they write.

Ok. We have a story to tell. But we soon find that one of the most important questions we can ask is how can we,  as a writer, show, rather than tell, our story, our journey?  “Just write”, comes the reply, “Just write”.

“OK”, ‘The Writer’ responds, but from whose perspective is this story, this journey, told? “Just begin, just write”, the response.

What is about to unfold before our eyes is a nonfiction journey of ‘The Writer’s’ intent to evolve the ability to tell a story, more specifically, a nonfiction story. We will also come to understand one basic of all effective writing: Good stories contain well written sentences.

You, the reader, will be privy to the inner working’s of this journey.  My understanding of creative nonfiction writing is about to evolve.You are welcome to join me.