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La Guitarra Romántica

La Guitarra Romántica
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La Guitarra Romántica consists of traditional acoustic guitar performances by two Spanish guitarists, a European slap-bassist, Morton Davis on synth-bass, and a Los Angeles, CA-based world-class father and son Latin percussion group.

You will enjoy these traditional and modern Spanish guitar performances with their lightning-fast picado leads, breezy habanera rhythms and beautifully played soft ballads, derived from an impressive array of traditional and modern acoustic guitar performances rendered in a comprehensive range of flavors and feels. The father and son Latin percussion group are responsible for elevating the music on this CD. Ranging from straightforward to exotic, the rhythms on La Guitarra Romántica are meticulously tight and include many dynamic performances that lend incredible movement and energy to the tracks.

Morton Davis Productions
Registered with ASCAP

Morton 'Mo' Davis:

Arranger / Producer

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Mo Davis

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