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'Arranged and Produced by Morton Davis'

An exploration of sound design, writing, arranging, instrumentation, composition and video production.

Home of :
Rooster Ranch Records
The Petaluma Mobile Music Crusade (TPMMC)

I love to design-write-arrange-compose & produce music & videos
-Morton 'mo' Davis

"... I learned that, even in the showbiz world of hype and hustle, sometimes less is more, and the best PR move is to do and say nothing. Let people's imaginations fill the void. All strategies work, if they're applied at the right time and with the right artist. I never forget that." - Clive Davis

Illegitimi non carborundum
Honor Few, Fear None...

***ALL Publishing and Performing RIGHTS RESERVED:
Morton Davis Productions 1992 - 2022

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